With more than 90 favorably priced formulations in stock, AGI can supply the right one for your operating conditions. And if we don't have one that fits, we can compound a new one.

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 pH Reducer

Technical Sheet

A phosphate based hot water heater cleaner/delimer.   Use a 1-4% solution.

We recommend using this product as a pH reducer in closed systems that have Aluminum metallurgy and require a lower pH range than mild steel systems.


Technical Sheet

A phosphate, carbonate, surfactant combination for use in precleaning hot water boilers and other closed systems. Does not contain sodium or potassium hydroxide. Use at 2-4% by volume. (Product safe to use with copper)

Do NOT use in systems that contain aluminum.

Alkaline Purge

Technical Sheet

A concentrated highly alkaline cleaner for preoperational cleaning of industrial boilers. Removes the oils and grease associated with newly installed boiler tubes. Use a 2.5% solution.    (Do not use with copper metallurgy)


Technical Sheet

An inhibited citric acid solution for removal of iron scale in closed systems.

Use at a 1-5% rate.

Scale Purge

Technical Sheet

An inhibited hydrochloric solution for the removal of lime and iron deposits from a host of industrial equipment including steam boilers. Do not use on riveted or sectional boilers without prior AGI approval. Use at 5-20% rate.

Do NOT use with stainless steel.

Silicone Process Antifoam  (S.P.A.)

Technical Sheet

A silicone solution for use with Scale Purge. It reduces the foaming associated with chemical cleaning of boilers and cooling towers.

Usage rate is 24oz/ 1000 gallons capacity.


Technical Sheet

Specially inhibited acid cleaner for removal of lime deposits on steel, copper, and galvanized steel. 

Use at minimum 10% of system capacity.  (Better results when use at 15-20% of volume)


Technical Sheet

Specially inhibited neutral cleaner to preclean systems that contain aluminum.

Use a 3-5% solution.