With more than 90 favorably priced formulations in stock, AGI can supply the right one for your operating conditions. And if we don’t have one that fits, we can compound a new one.

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Alkaline Purge

 Technical Sheet

A concentrated, highly alkaline cleaner for preoperational cleaning of industrial boilers. Removes the oils and grease associated with newly installed boiler tubes.

Use a 2.5% solution.

Do NOT use with copper metallurgy.

An inhibited citric acid solution for removal of iron scale in closed systems.

Use at a 1-5% rate.

pH Reducer

 Technical Sheet

A phosphate-based hot water heater cleaner/delimer.

Use a 1-4% solution.

We recommend using this product as a pH reducer in closed systems that have Aluminum metallurgy and require a lower pH range than mild steel systems.

Scale Purge

 Technical Sheet

An inhibited hydrochloric solution for the removal of lime and iron deposits from a host of industrial equipment including steam boilers.

Do not use on riveted or sectional boilers without prior AGI approval.

Use at 5-20% rate.

Do NOT use with stainless steel.

Silicone Process Antifoam (S.P.A.)

 Technical Sheet

A silicone solution for use with Scale Purge. It reduces the foaming associated with chemical cleaning of boilers and cooling towers.

Usage rate is 24oz/ 1000 gallons capacity.

A phosphate, carbonate, surfactant combination for use in precleaning hot water boilers and other closed systems. Does not contain sodium or potassium hydroxide.

Use at 2-4% by volume. (Product is safe to use with copper.)

Do NOT use in systems that contain aluminum.


 Technical Sheet

Specially inhibited acid cleaner for removal of lime deposits on steel, copper, and galvanized steel.

Use at minimum 10% of system capacity. (Better results when used at 15-20% of volume)


 Technical Sheet

Specially inhibited neutral cleaner to preclean systems that contain aluminum.

Use a 3-5% solution.