Our distributor network utilizes the services of SPECTRUM lab analysis for water treatment chemicals used for heating and cooling equipment.  For consistent, effective, efficient water treatment results, AGI’s controlled approach is unsurpassed.


Investigative Survey
We establish an operating baseline by surveying your equipment, asking about your plant’s operations and retrieving water samples.
The survey information and detailed water sample analysis is submitted to a number of “what if” questions by our experienced SPECTRUM laboratory chemists. They contrast the different answers to determine how your plant can operate most economically and trouble-free.
We prepare a printed report for your review. It specifies SPECTRUM water treatment compounds, gives specific dosages and describes control limits. The recommendations are clear-cut for each sector of your operation.
Testing Program

The operating parameters of the treated system are monitored by SPECTRUM laboratory services to confirm the recommendations. The frequency and method of testing is based on the needs of your equipment and availability of your personnel.

Training Programs

We assist you by conducting classroom and hands-on training sessions, tailored to your equipment and to the experience level of your personnel. Often, this pays operating dividends well into the future.

Our Customers Comment About Their Results

Director of Plant Operations at a large Montana hospital:
“AGI and the local distributor have trained my people and worked to dramatically improve our efficiency. Overall, they’ve helped to keep my operating budget and operations under control.”

Energy Specialist at a cheese processing plant:
“Our operation needs very precise, very dependable steam production because the steam is used to cook the cheese. Consequently, we need to nip every operating glitch in the bud. My area representative and AGI respond quickly with reliable recommendations whenever there’s a change in conditions.”